What We're about

BIRTHFIT is a movement. It’s about expecting and postpartum moms taking charge of their bodies and their decisions, and supporting one another’s journeys—together and apart.

BIRTHFIT is an approach to birth. We challenge the status quo and ask the questions no one else asks. We read, research, experiment & consolidate all the common sense, time-honored wisdom & recent studies we can find and present that information to you through various education models. Our pillars are fitness, nutrition, chiropractic & mindset. We unconditionally support YOU—the birth mom & birth partner—to make the best decision for you and Baby.

BIRTHFIT is a state of readiness. Childbirth is perhaps the most physical, mental & spiritual experience of a woman’s life. We want you to be ready in body, mind & spirit for the experience of birth and the lifelong journey that follows.

BIRTHFIT is your support team. We are a team of practitioners, educators, chiropractors, coaches, nutritionists, fellow mamas, men & women who are involved in our local communities and we are all rooting for YOU.


The Four pillars


To functionally train throughout the Motherhood Transition in all planes of motion to develop competencies and physical skills as well as enhance the main metabolic pathways. 


To create a relationship with food that is rich in color and nutrients from a wide variety of animals, fish, plants, fruits, fats, and starchy tubers, while nourishing the body through the different rhythms of life and the female cycle.


To be structurally balanced and free of subluxation, so that the nervous system can function ideally and communicate with all systems of the body. 

To create space between a stimulus and a response, to embrace a growth perspective, and create action around values in order to make decisions from a place of love rather than fear.


Who we serve

Get started with one of our consultations or the Before the Bump Program.

Congratulations! We’re here to help you rock your pregnancy with confidence, intention, and preparation. Sign up for our online prenatal training program and get moving today. You may also want to read our blog, listen to our podcast, or set up a consultation with an expert.

You are postpartum if you have had a miscarriage, abortion, loss, or live birth. Now is the time to nourish body, connect with local resources and mamas, and integrate breath work and movement back into your daily life. Look up a Regional Director in your area and join a Postpartum Series class near you. Remember, postpartum lasts forever and everyone’s healing timeline is different. If you are not located near a Regional Director, then please do check our directory or utilize the online program.